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AC Service and Installation

Having trouble keeping your home cool on those hot summer days? Tired of high operating costs associated with broken, outdated, and inefficient equipment? Let us help! Here at Blue Flame, we offer all necessary repair and installation services required to keep your home air conditioning system running at peak performance. All of our licensed technicians utilize the latest tools and technology to ensure proper diagnosis and repair in a timely and professional manner. Whether it’s repairing or replacing your existing equipment or installing new equipment, we can handle it.

AC Service Plan

We know you rely on your air conditioner to keep you comfortable when temperatures begin to rise and the last thing you want is to have an issue when you need it most. Let us put your mind at ease with Blue Flame’s Air Conditioning Service Plan. This plan includes one scheduled annual 10-point check-up as well as parts and labor coverage on many of the common components that tend to fail on A/C systems.

Air Conditioning Service Plan

$299.00 + tax

AC Contract

R-22 to R-410A Conversions

Often times we run into a scenario where a component of a customer’s air conditioning system is past the point of repair and must be replaced. Many times the equipment is obsolete and the entire system should be updated. This is becoming more common due to changes in EPA regulations. If you’re finding yourself asking the question, “should I update my system?”, there’s a good chance that you should, and here’s why:

According to the U.S. Dept. Of Energy, new air conditioning equipment uses anywhere from 20% to 50% LESS energy than older outdated systems use to produce the same amount of cooling. This increase in efficiency can result in substantial utility savings over time for the homeowner.

Many existing systems still use R-22 refrigerant. The U.S. EPA has chosen to phase out this refrigerant since it is a HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) and is said to play a role in the depletion of the ozone and global warming. The refrigerant, as well as equipment using this refrigerant, is expected to be phased out and unavailable as of 2018, so obtaining compatible replacement parts for an older air conditioning system is going to become a challenge.


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