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Automatic Delivery

Tired of running out of oil or having to check the level in your tank?

Let Blue Flame handle it!

With our Automatic Delivery System, we take the inconvenience out of the equation. Using our state of the art  computerized degree-day system, we can determine when you will need a delivery based off of several contributing factors such as outdoor temperature, tank size, and type of equipment. Call today and don’t be left out in the cold!

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Oil Tank Services

Removal & Installation | Tank Protection

Far too often, homeowner’s neglect the condition of their heating oil tank until it is too late and they end up with an emergency oil leak. This can lead to an enormous environmental hazard, as well as costly and time consuming clean-up. Tanks tend to wear away from the inside out, so many times detecting deterioration cannot be achieved through a simple visual inspection.  The best option for safety and peace of mind is to replace your tank before it is actively leaking. Here at Blue Flame Oil, we offer all of the necessary services to install, remove, or replace your old tank in a fast, affordable, and professional manner, whether it’s a standard above ground or in-ground tank. We offer several different varieties and sizes to suit your individual needs, including double-wall polyethylene tanks for indoor or outdoor installation.

275 Oil Tank

$45.00 + tax

330 Oil Tank

$50.00 + tax

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